The Size Wars: Shopping For Clothes Online

We present easy tips for buying dresses online while ensuring a perfect fit and on-point trend selection.

As human beings, we are hardwired to form an opinion after experiencing a certain phenomenon or actually touching or seeing something in the flesh. This is why most people prefer to go on dates with people they know, or buy the things that they are most accustomed to. It also explains why you might be a little averse to the idea of buying dresses online.

The idea of choosing to buy a maxi dress or even a new pair of shoes online, sight unseen, might seem outrageous to you. You feel that clothes must be bought only after trying them on and examining them from all angles. But if so many people are already buying dresses online – and so many more have not stepped into a store in months to buy clothes – there must be a way to shop online for clothing without getting it wrong!

Here are our simple tips to buy dresses online that fit you perfectly:

buy dresses online

  • Measure yourself correctly. Many women just assume that that they are a certain size, and this leads to wrong clothes selection. Get a measuring tape and measure your body correctly, especially the bust, waist, hips and upper thighs. Stand up straight like you normally do when you take measurements. Have a family member take your measurements for waist-to-ankle-length – don’t bend your waist or hips when this is happening.
  • Know your body shape. Also examine your body in the mirror to know its shape – apple, hourglass, pear, square, etc. Once you have your body shape and measurements at hand, you can buy that perfect maxi dress, that new shirt for work and also a new pair of trousers without getting the sizes wrong.
  • Study the size charts. There’s nothing easier than selecting a bunch of really pretty dresses online. But the tricky part is agreeing with the size chart that the retailer provides. Study it carefully, noting which sizes are marked ‘S’, ‘M’, ‘L’ and so on. Each size has a corresponding bust, waist and hip size. Compare these with your actual measurements. Sometimes, there may be a mismatch between the bust size on the dress online and the waist measurement. In this case, go with the waist size or pick a larger size.
  • Look for offers and deals. Leading online fashion sites always have offers and discounts on all their products. Scout for bargains while you shop, and you can end up saving a lot of money. Plus, you can also get reward points or cashback in the site’s e-wallet. These can be redeemed for future purchases.
  • Buy just one item first to familiarise yourself. If you have never bought dresses online before, it is better to test the waters by ordering just one maxi dress or shirt online. Study the delivery process, whether the correct product was delivered in good condition, the site’s return policy, how the clothing fits, etc. Once you are satisfied with the process, you can proceed to order more items in bulk.

See how easy it is to buy dresses online? Now that you have a reliable fashion site to buy from, you can stock your wardrobe with the season’s trendiest clothing whenever you want. You can make shopping for dresses online easier by downloading the best fashion apps on your smartphone.