The Art of Skin Art and Its Effects

Indeed, it is agreed, tattooing of the skin is an art. The most noted tattoo artists are found in Japan as the people over there as well as the people in other neighboring countries of Japan are actually fond of tattoo making. If talking about whether it can really be called an art or not. One can visit any Yakuza operative in Japan and have a glimpse of his body and you can find out why this is an art. The patterns made all over their body are really very beautiful and requires great skill and patience. Tattoo supply of this method is difficult to find.

The tattoo making done by hand is done using very ancient methods and the expenses are too high also. In addition to this it hurts a lot when the tattoo is being applied to your skin. In the hand method the ink is taken on a wooden stick and is filled in the outline of the design that is to be made on the body. This is done with a combination of more than one color. Talking about machine method. The ink is filled in an electrically operated machine and the machine has a needle in its end that releases the ink inadequate amount so that it gets embedded in the skin properly and evenly. Tattoo making is still practiced among several tribal people residing in the African jungles. Their method is a very painful one. The design tattoo patterns on their skin with a sharp object and cutting their skin at several places. It causes a lot of bleeding.


With the increase in tattoo supply and the popularity it has gained, tattooing has its own set of drawbacks mostly. If skin is taken into consideration, it has adverse effects on the skin and can cause a lot of skin diseases. Permanent tattoos cause this problem always whereas the semi permanent do not as they disappear from the skin automatically 3 months after application. As per my opinion if one wants to have a tattoo on their skin then they should go for the semi permanent due to safety reasons.

Tattoo making is done both by machine as well as hand and over the years, it has evolved to a level where tattoo supply has become a profession wherein companies supply and manufacture tattoo making equipments. The machine tattooing method is mainly done to write a word, a name or any small design, but for bigger tattooing purposes the hand method is used.


The purpose and reasons for tattooing a part or your whole body can be many. Some people do it with affection or to display their love. Example is the famous British footballer David Beckham who got his wife’s name tattooed on his arms in Hindi. Some people do it as an act to distinguish themselves. Examples are the Yakuza mafias of Japan who distinguish themselves by tattooing their body with their clan leaders or ancient samurai or ninja warrior etc. people like these are the source of income and livelihood for people dealing with tattoo supply.