Taking Cigarettes Further

            Looking for a new and modern way of enjoying the nicotine-infused cigarette you used to, and still do, enjoy using? Starting to get sick and tired of the accidental burns you get from smoking the regular and usual cigarette stick that you know? Well it’s going to be the time you put a stop to these questions in mind when you buy iqosheets.

            We will take a further look on the other things that a consumer can receive when he or she will buy iqosheets. IQOS basically works through just three simple components – a heated tobacco unit called HEETS, the IQOS holder where the HEETS is inserted into, and a charger for the IQOS holder.The HEETS contains processed tobacco plug which is specially made for the use of just heating it and not smoking. This is because Iqos is specifically designed to promote the use of cigarettes without the need of lighting it and thus, there would be no smoke that will be produced. The tobacco plugs used in IqosHeets are made from tobacco leaves which are then grounded and turned into cast leaf, which are just tobacco sheets. These sheets are then compressed and made into the tobacco plug. What’s the use of the HEETS if you don’t have a holder? The holder heats the tobacco through the use of a heating blade that is electronically controlled. This blade then heats the tobacco in the heets at a temperature of 350C, comparatively lower than when you light a regular cigarette. This temperature will then be maintained throughout the use in order to ensure and provide a consistent taste as well as to prevent burning.

            The holder also has the ability to turn itself off through its over-heating protection mechanism. In order to continue satisfaction of customers in using the IQOS, the user must charge it. The holder contains a small battery which, of course, is the one you are intended to charge through the use of the charger included in the kit or set. The charger can hold a big battery that can store enough energy to recharge the tobacco holder in approximately 20 times. This is also not of a big hassle to the user since the charger can be used and recharged from the power sockets from your very own households. Convinced and interested in putting this into consideration? Well then it’s best to buy iqos heets now.