Sterling silver pendant: adding the glaze to your neckline

The silver pendants are much affordable than their gold or platinum counterparts considering the side of elegant simplicity. The silver pendants with chunky chins show off your stylish flair for fashion. And of course, wearing multiple silver chains makes a great impression.

Buy sterling silver pendants from our online store, we’ve got wide varieties of the same suiting you. As customers, we are always worried about the quality of the silver and the sterling type of silver is standard silver, hence there is no quality issue.  It remains as it is for a long period of time and the glaze of earrings doesn’t reduce. Even if you feel bored with the same design then you can interchange it just like any gold jewellery.

It is very important to determine its quality. You should get what you are paying for. You should be aware of the quality parameters before buying silver jewellery. When you decide to buy sterling silver jewellery, you should consider different metal qualities such as shine and lustre. Also, you should verify if the hallmarks are present in the jewellery. So here are few tips from our experts you have to analyze after buying a sterling silver pendant.

Try getting a magnet and then simply run that magnet over your jewellery. If the jewellery sticks with the magnet, it means the jewellery is not pure because Sterling doesn’t attract to a magnet.

You can also test your piece with Nitric Acid. When it is dropped to non-silver items then, item loses its colour. Nitric acid doesn’t harm the sterling silver item. But, when you do the test; wear the glasses and gloves to protect yourself from any kind of harm. If the jewellery is designed with genuine sterling silver, the area on which you just dropped the nitric acid will look little creamy in the shade, or if it is fake, it will look green.

Keep in mind that authentic sterling silver items have some markings like “Sterling Silver”, “925”, “Ster” in secret places. If you don’t notice any of the markings, be cautious of it instantly.

Silver is a stunning metal which is esteemed by almost all the ladies across the globe. It adds elegance to a women’s beauty with its charm. Therefore, it is vital to be little cautious while making a purchase of any silver item so you can best out of it. Whether you chose the shiny bright of the polished silver or the brushed silver pendant, choose a design that showcases your personal sense of style.

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