How to identify Different Iron Man Figures

Imagining one of your favorite Marvel heroes turn into your hands. This will be the best feeling for collectors, kids, and fans of different Marvel character. Iron Man is part of the Marvel characters and as one of the most popular in the world. The designs of various figures created by different Manufacturer reflects tough Iron Man.

Different Iron Man Figures

Iron Man Mark II

This Iron Man figure is one of the most popular according to the collectors. As the blueprint armor of Iron Man is awesome. From a metal print of silver to blue, there are various upgrades happen with this figure. A pure silver plates and suit with a streamlined and sleek design. Featuring an Iron Man figure with a helmet inspired to the latest movie of him. It has a changeable armor and an LED light-up features. The manufacturer of this figure will release a new edition of the product. That will feature a holographic Iron Man Mark III which will be available in the market soon.

Iron Man Mark 42 Figure

This figure is 7 feet and has an illuminated base. In the eyes, palm and arc creator can be found the light up feature of a fiberglass and a plastic suits. One of the most advanced figures of Ironman. This figure has an accurate screen detailing and intricate armor construction.

Iron Man Figurine

One of the most expensive collectible items of Iron Man figures. It has a pure silver appearance that attracts many collectors. A metal Iron Man figure, model number 30 and is a limited edition item. The designed based on the Marvel Comics Extremis movie. A first-rate detail, from the sleek headpiece and the chest. Has a triangular arc creator to the hip pods of this figure.

Marvel Legends 12 Figure Iron Man

A 12-inch Iron Man is from the Marvel series. It is a legendary Marvel action figure with great appearance. This figure features 30 points of articulation. Enable collectors, young at heart and kids to set up Iron Man character in different poses. You can have different forms of Ironman. Anyone can copy poses from the movie to feel the same legendary battle.  Also, this figure features a premium deco and a detailed styling. Inspired by a comic design that many collectors can recognize and love by them. This figure includes the feature of, 12 inches or equivalent to 30. 48 cm, has alternative hands, head, and blasters for hands or feet. With this Marvel Legends Iron Man figure, shows that Marvel heroes are legendary.

Hulkbuster (Deluxe Version Iron Man Figure)

A sixth scale figure of Iron Man crafted based on the Hulk buster character in the avenger.  The creator of this figure purposely created to the benefits of the collectors. This figure is used to display the product and not intended to be a toy. It can be the best gift a collector could ever have. This figure with an accurate colossal stands approximately 55 cm. Has an LED light-up eyes and arc reactor. Which is more interesting about this figure, yet, one of the most expensive figures. Another best feature of this figure is that it has a LED light-up Jackhammer left arm with a hand.