Music is a significant entertainment factor at a wedding. Many people debate whether they should hire a professional DJ or look for a DIY solution. While DIY sounds exciting, it’s a responsibility and needs to be executed in a careful fashion. This means, you might need a DJ for your wedding. If you’re still confused whether you should hire one or take on the responsibility yourself, here are some points that will make it crystal clear for you.


If you decide to work with your playlist and be the DJ at the party, you should know it will require your complete attention. With so many other things to attend to, you should first ask yourself if you would be ready to sign up for this as well. If you know it would be too much to take care of, you can always look for an Ottawa DJ in your area and hire one to make it less stressful for you.

Visual experience

It’s not a bad idea to consider DIY for your wedding. If what you require is music for the guests to groove to, your iPod and a couple of nice speakers can help. However, hiring a DJ means making it a lot more interesting. A professional DJ brings along accessories, like LEDs, a smoke machine, etc., that would add visual appeal to your party and set the right vibe.


Renting speakers and other equipment that is needed is a great idea. However, having experience with the equipment is equally important. Imagine, on your wedding day, as you try to play the speakers, something goes wrong or the wires have not been connected the right way. This can give you unnecessary stressand anxiety. When you hire a professional DJ, he would take care of any technical issues that can possibly occur.


If you play on your own or hire a band, you or the band members at some pointwill need a break in between to chill. This means making and breaking the ambience. If you have someone to take over when you go for a break, it makes sense and is fine. However, professional DJs have the habit of playing continuously and they can set the right vibe and add progression to the event.

Besides all the mentioned points, you know if you decide to take care of the music at your wedding, you need to spend a considerable amount of time selecting tracks. However, DJs have pre-decided playlists that you can choose from. It greatly depends on the venue of your wedding and the number of guests, whether you should hire a professional DJ or make your own playlist, rent equipment, and delegate the responsibility of setting up and playing songs to someone else.