A unique bag for anyone and everyone

Are you tired of always carrying a lot of things in your backpack or bag? Although most of the time, things like these are pretty much unavoidable because of certain circumstances like if you’re a student, the school requires you to bring your books, mind you these books can be pretty heavy or if you’re a professional and your job requires you to bring heavy stuff as well. Carrying heavy loads on a daily basis can prove to be tiring and will eventually wear you out faster.

This is probably one of the reasons why Zuca bags were developed, to give you an alternative and more convenient way to carry those heavy things. The bags are a unique combination of both form and function to give you an effective alternative.

A pretty convenient way to carry things 

It can be a burden carrying a lot of (heavy) stuff almost every day, Zuca bags give you an alternative solution that is pretty convenient if you are having a problem with carrying heavy stuff. The bag consists mainly of two major parts, the insert which is typically the bag itself, has a lot of room for storage so you can place a lot of things inside, the frame in which the insert is placed on has wheels beneath it so that means instead of carrying it like a normal bag, you can either push or pull it along with you, minimizing the energy and effort you exert normally.

Carry in style 

Most of the time, people buy bags just because they look good and not because of their function. With the bags from Zuca, you have both form and function all packaged into one bag. They have over a hundred designs for the inserts you can choose from as well as around 8 available colours for the frames, this equates to around just over a thousand design combinations for you to choose from, meaning you can customize the look of the bag in any which way you want right from the start, giving you a unique looking bag that suits your style. 

Choices, choices, choices 

As far as choices go, you can buy separate inserts so you have a lot of options to choose from. These inserts are easily interchangeable and can be bought separately, the same goes for the frames as well. This means you can buy whatever you want to change instead of buying a whole new set. This also is the same for replacement parts. Why buy a new frame if you only need the wheels if you can readily buy the wheels separately. This unique feature of the bag is one of its key selling points which makes it popular to people.

All in all, the bag is made with high quality materials to ensure that you are buying a high quality product that’s durable, lightweight and waterproof to so you don’t need to worry about your bag getting wet (as well as everything that’s inside it). Zuca also has a “special edition” line which caters to more specific purposes such as travelling or for athletes who want to have a sort of mini locker which they can carry whenever they go to practice, or for the wandering artist who wants to have a bag that can carry all of his or her art materials.